How to crimp and assemble MT Series wiring connectors

How to crimp and assemble MT Series wiring connectors

This section explains how to assemble the connectors in the MT series 2 way, 3 way, 4 way, 6 way and 8 way sealed  connectors.

The MT series 2 way kit before assembly. The same crimping process is used for all of the MT sealed series.



The correct crimping tool must be used. One that produces a "w" crimp like TT71TT73 or 3000PR3 are used to make a quality crimp. This shot is of the professional 3000PR3 jaws. Part C & D are used for crimping the bared copper strands to the terminal and the PVC outer sheath to the terminal.. Parts A, B & D are used for shaping the "0" shaped crimp over the cable seal.











Strip around 4mm of the outer PVC from the end of the cable. In this shot we are using the TT46 automatic cable stripper which does the operation of holding and stripping the cable.












Once the 4mm of PVC outer sheath has been stripped slip the red seal onto the cable.





Place the stripped cable into the terminal as shown






The first part to crimp is the bared copper strands to the terminal. This is where the 1st "W" shaped crimp is made. The next step is to crimp the terminal to the seal using and "0" shaped crimp as shown.





The male terminal is crimped in the same way as the female terminal.






Female terminals are now ready to fit into the housing with the orientation shown..






The terminals are clicked into place as shown from the rear of the connector.






The view from the front of correctly installed terminals.






Fit the crimped terminals into the male housing






Correctly fitted terminals from the front of the housing. Terminals are pushed through from the rear which then click into place.