4.0mm² 12v 24v DC Power Thin Wall 39 Amp 11 AWG Cable

4.0mm² 12v 24v DC Power Thin Wall 39 Amp 11 AWG Cable

4.0mm² 56/0.30mm, Max Diameter 3.5mm, Nominal Current Rating: 39 Amps, nearest equivalent AWG is 11, resistance per metre at 20oC = 0.0471 ohms. Maximum loading at 12v is 468 watts (derate for longer lengths)

We can special order any non stock colour combination tracer cables on 100m reels with a 5 - 7 day lead time

High temperature thin wall low voltage wiring cables suitable for use in the automotive, marine and allied industries. These cables are specified as standard by manufacturers throughout Europe, due to their high performance characteristics. Manufactured in accordance with ISO6722 : 2006 (Class B) Suitable for 12v and 24v systems (Maximum voltage 60v) - excluding High Tension Circuits Plain Copper Conductors - PVC Insulated Suitable for use at temperatures from from -40°C to +105°C with excursions up to +120°C Reduced insulation gives considerable savings in weight and volume especially when used in large wiring harnesses Good resistance to petrol, diesel, lubricating oils and diluted acids Good resistance to moisture Hard grade PVC insulation offers good resistance to abrasion and cut through


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4.0mm² 56/0.30mm Thin Wall Automotive Car Cable

UK manufactured 4mm sq 12v (60v max) thin wall automotive and leisure vehicle wiring harness cable rated at 39 amps. 

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4.0mm² 56/0.30mm Thin Wall Auto Cable 30m Reel

UK made 12 AWG thin wall 4mm sq 39 amps 12v (60v max), various solid colours, for car, boat, van and motorhome. £19.75 / 30m reel.

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4.0mm² 56/0.30mm Thin Wall Auto Cable Solid Colours 100m

UK manufactured 12 AWG thin wall 4mm sq 12v (60v max) rated at 39 amps for vehicle wiring looms. £58.29 / 100m reel.

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