Standard wall PVC automotive flat twin

Standard wall PVC automotive flat twin

Our flat twin cable is available in both Standard Wall and Thin Wall construction, with Thin Wall being the preffered option as it is more environmental friendly in it's construction. Thin Wall cable can also handle higher amps E.G. 1.0mm2 Standard Wall 8.75 Amps compared with 1.0mm2 Thin Wall which is rated at 16.5 amps.

Also available in Thin Wall Flat Twin and Thin Wall Round cable

Where applicable the cable is manufactured to BS6862 Part 1 1971with plain copper strands sheathed with PVC Insulation.

0.65mm² Flat Twin 2 x 9/0.30 Standard Wall Cable

0.65mm²  2 x 9/0.30mm, flat twin 12v PVC auto cable O.D. 3.8mm x 6.1mm, Current Rating: 5.75 Amps

1.0mm² Flat Twin 2 x 14/0.30 Standard Wall Cable

1.0mm²  2 x 14/0.30mm, flat twin 12v PVC auto cable O.D. 4.0mm x 6.5mm, Current Rating: 8.75 Amps

1.5mm² Flat Twin 2 x 21/0.30

UK Manufactured 1.5mm² flat twin PVC 12v auto cable. Supplied either as cut metre lengths or on the reel.

2.0mm² Flat Twin 2 x 28/0.30 Standard Wall Cable

2.0mm² 2 x 28/0.30mm, flat twin PVC 12v auto cable O.D. 4.8mm x 9.9mm, 15 AWG Current Rating: 17.5 Amps.


2.5mm² Flat Twin 2 x 35/0.30 30m

UK manufactured 2.5mm² flat twin PVC automotive cable supplied in either cut metre lengths or on the reel.

3.0mm² Flat Twin 2 x 44/0.30 Standard Wall Cable

3.0mm² 2 x 44/0.30mm, Dimensions 5.7mm x 9.5mm, Nominal Current Rating: 27.5 Amps (derated for longer lengths)

4.5mm² Flat Twin 2 x 65/0.30 Standard Wall Cable

4.5mm² 2 x 65/0.30mm, Dimensions 7.0mm x 11.9mm, Nominal Current Rating: 35 Amps (derated for longer lengths)