16mm 110 Amp 6 AWG DC Power Battery Cable

16mm 110 Amp 6 AWG DC Power Battery Cable

16mm² Hi-Flex battery starter cable used on various automotive applications

Cable Construction: 203 strands at 0.30mm

Outside Diameter: 8.3mm

Cable Rating: 110 Amps

AWG: 6

Resistance Rating per Metre: 0.00126 ohms at 20oC

UK Manufactured

We sell this cable in combinations of full metre lengths up to a total combined single length of 100m or on 10m and 30m reels.

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Product no.: 16mm Hi-Flex Cut Cable

UK manufactured 16mm sq 110 amp 6 awg hi-flex battery and starter cable for car, leisure craft and other vehicles. £2.45 metre .

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