2 Way Denso Fuel Injector Bottom Plate Connector Plug A-3

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2 way Nippon Denso top slot fuel injector connector supplied with terminals and seals. 

Can have cable pigtails added, see below:-

Crimp using a tool that produces a "W" and "O" shaped crimp.

Has bottom plate which makes it easier to remove it from the injector.

Terminal Size: 2.3mm (090)

Length: 31mm
Width: 22mm
Height: 21.8mm


Add connector to the basket. Cable pigtails with your colour choices can then be added to this connector for a small charge from list below. Please allow up to 48hrs for the crimping to be completed.

0.5mm 11 Amp 1.7mm O.D. Solid Colour Cable HERE

1mm 16.5 Amp 1.95mm O.D. Solid Colour Cable HERE,

1mm 16.5 Amp 1.95mm O.D Tracer Colour Cable HERE

Manufacturer:- Aftermarket 

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