2 Way LH Ford Ambient Temp Coolant Sensor Loom Connector L-24

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2 way (left hand keyway) .Used on Ford ambient temperature and coolant level sensor.

Can have cable pigtails added, see below:-

No mating half for this connector as it plugs directly into component. Right Hand Keyway plug available HERE

Add connector to the basket. Cable pigtails with your colour choices can then be added to this connector for a small charge from the list below. Please allow up to 48hrs for the crimping to be completed.

1mm 16.5 Amp 1.95mm O.D. Solid Colour Cable HERE,

1mm 16.5 Amp 1.95mm O.D Tracer Colour Cable HERE

1.5mm 21 Amp 2.3mm O.D. Solid Colour Cable HERE,

2mm 25 Amp 2.55mm O.D. Solid Colour Cable HERE,

Manufacturer:- Aftermarket

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