3mm Black Polyester Wiring Loom Braid

3mm Black Polyester Wiring Loom Braid

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Technical Data:
Monofi lament Polyester: Size - 0.22mm Diameter
Melting Point: + 250OC
Maximum Working Temperature: 150OC
Withstand Peaks: 220OC
Minimum Working Temperature: - 50OC
Flame Resistance: FMVSS 302 (Type A)
12 according to NF F 16-101
Resistance to Ignition: Limited Oxygen Index -34%
(Report available on request)
Fumes Toxicity: Halogen Free
Fumes Opacity: Low Smoke Density
Chemical Resistance: Unaffected by most chemicals, resists automotive fl uids. Open structure does not retain moisture or support growth.

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