Helacon Plus 5 Way Cable Wire Blue Connector K-29

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5 Way Helacon Plus Connector

Simple to use, strip the cable end and push into the connector block. Double spring holds the cable in place. Visual check can be made through clear plastic housing that cable is inserted properly. Housing also has a test window for checking the circuit witha multimeter.

Type HECP-5
Color Transparent (CL)
Double Spring Technology for safe, secure and reliable connections
Low Insertion Forces + High Retention Values
Accommodates both solid and stranded wire cores
Polycarbonate Housing for quick visual inspection; Meets UL 92V2 standards
Low insertion forces reduces buckling of stranded wire
Able to combine solid and stranded within same housing
Separate test port for fast, easy confirmation of connection
Quick Fit Insertion relieves installer in difficult spots like overhead installations, eliminates twisting motion and reduces overall assembly and connection time.
Max Current Rating to 24 A
Max Voltage Rating to 600 V (c UL us)
HelaCon Plus push-in style wire connectors are unique in that they contain DOUBLE-SPRING DESIGN that delivers a safe, consistent and reliable wire connection. The Double Spring Design requires a low insertion force, thus reducing wiring time and operator hand strain while providing a significantly higher retention value. HelaCon Plus offers an ergonomically-friendly alternative to the traditional twist on style wire connectors.
Application Method
• Make sure that power is turned off before installation
• Solid and stranded copper conductors can be used
• Strip them off approximately 11 mm
• Insert them completely into the connector
• Use voltage tester via separate test entry
• To change or correct a wire, hold and twist it alternatively left and right while pulling the connector
Suitable for flexible core (Yes/No)
Suitable for multi wire core (Yes/No)
Suitable for solid core (Yes/No)

Product Dimensions

Length (L) 0.41"
Width (W) 0.95"
Width (W) 24.20mm
Height (H) 10.45mm
Depth (D)
0.75" / 19.00mm

Material and Specifications

Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Flammability UL94 V2
Material Specification HF
Operating Temperature
-22 °F to +221 °F (-30 °C to +105 °C)
ROHS Conformity
This product conforms to the RoHS guidelines.
Specification VDE
UL Listed (US and Canada) Yes

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