Honda Rectifier Regulator Mod Kit

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Kit for the modification of Honda rectifier regulator units that was featured in the April 2015 issue of Practical Sportsbike magazine. This modification is to help prevent overheating and failure of rectifier/regulator units on all types of Honda's from the Superdreams,to early Fireblades. Any Honda that uses the white 5 way connector will benefit from this modification. If your rectifier has already blown replace with a unit from Electrex World and fit using this mod so that it never has a problem again. Buy the Practical Sports bike issue for the advice on how to fit.

For a good crimp you need to use a crimping tool like TT71 that produces a "W" shaped crimp. If you don't use the proper crimping tool you may well end up with other electrical issues due to bad connections.

Kit includes the following  parts:

1 x Mini Blade Fuse Holder with black cable
1 x 30 Amp Mini Blade Fuse
2 x M6 Brass Ring Terminals
1 x 5 way Honda Rectifier/Regulator Connector Plug
1 x 200mm 4.8mm Black Heat Shrink
1 x 80mm 4.8mm Red Heat Shrink
1 x 2.5mm2 29 amp Green Cable 1m length
1 x 2.5mm2 29 amp Black cable 500mm length
1 x 3.9mm male/female bullet connector kit


Known fitments

Honda motorcycles that uses the 5 way connector plug



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