How to crimp and assemble 3.9mm single bullet connectors

How to crimp and assemble 3.9mm single bullet connectors

This section explains how to assemble the 3.9mm Japanese bullet terminals available in plain and tinned brass

The 3.9mm bullet kit before assembly. The same crimping process is used for both plain and tiined bullets




The correct crimping tool must be used. One that produces a "w" crimp like TT71TT73 or 3000PR3 are used to make a quality crimp. This shot is of the professional 3000PR3 jaws. Part C & D are used for crimping the bared copper strands to the terminal and the PVC outer sheath to the terminal.. Parts A, B & D are used for shaping the crimp










Fit the clear insulation cover over the cable then strip around 4mm of the outer PVC from the end of the cable. In this shot we are using the TT46 automatic cable stripper which does the operation of holding and stripping the cable.




This is how the cable should look.




Once the 4mm of PVC outer sheath has been stripped this is how the cable is placed in the terminal before crimping.




The first part to crimp is the bared copper strands to the terminal. This is where the 1st "W" shaped crimp is made.




Next crimp the outer PVC to the terminal. Again you use a "W" shaped crimp which will stop the cable being pulled from the terminal. 




The male terminal is also crimped using the same method. Terminal are now ready to fit into the female part.



Join the crimped female and male parts together to complete the connector. (Suitable for 1.0mm² to 2.5mm² cable)