12 volt vehicle bulbs and holders

12 volt vehicle bulbs and holders

Various automotive car bulbs for 12 volt systems, fittings include 15d, 15s, capless, and H1, H4 and H7 halogen bulbs

New product is T10 bulb holders for use on motorcycle clocks and car dash.

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Product no.: T10-Bulb-HolderRG

12 volt T10 w5w bulb holder with red and green cable tails, used in older motorcycle clocks and car dashboards.

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12 Volt LED Automotive Bulbs

12 Volt LED Automotive Bulbs

Various types of led automotive bulbs suitable for use on tail, stop, indicator, interior, side and dash.
Standard 12 Volt Bulbs

Standard 12 Volt Bulbs

automotive bulbs h1, h4, h7, 15D, 15S, capless and festoon 12 volt for use in cars and other vehicles