Insulated and non insulated automotive terminal crimping tools

Insulated and non insulated automotive terminal crimping tools

Various crimping tools for crimping of Copper Tube Terminals, Pre-Insulated terminals and  Non-Insulated Terminals


Automotive Copper Cable Cutting Tools

Various tools for cutting of plain and tinned soft copper automotive and marine wire and battery cables up to 70mm² in size.

Automotive Cable Stripping Tools

Automatic cable stripper for 0.5mm² to 3.0mm² size thin wall and standard wall pvc automotive cables

Crimping Tools Pre-Insulated Automotive Terminals

Crimping tools for Heat Shrink terminals and other pre-insulated automotive wiring terminals


Car and Motorcycle Wiring Crimping Tools Non-Insulated

Various types of tools for non-insulated terminals. Used on terminals fitted to some cars and motorcycles


Copper Tube Crimpers

Large crimpers to attach automotive battery cable to copper tube terminals up to 120mm², we have a few different types of tools in stock

Crimping Tools 4.7mm Lucas Type

Crimper and closing tools for the 4,7mm bullets and socket connectors used on classic British cars and motorcycles


HT Terminal Crimper

Crimper for use on high tension lead terminals. Twin dies allow perfect crimps everytime when making custom ignition leads.