Car, Boat & Motorcycle Wiring Heat Shrink Sleeving

Car, Boat & Motorcycle Wiring Heat Shrink Sleeving

Heat Shrink available in different sizes from 2.4mm to 38mm in 2:1 shrink ratio. Used to provide permanent insulation over terminals and wiring connections.
Shrink Temperature: 70oC - 110oC
Operating Temperature: -55oC - 125oC
Material: Cross-Linked, thermally stabilised flame retardant polyolefin
UL recognised UL224, VW-1, C-UL CSA22.2 OFT


Automotive Heat Shrink per Metre

Red or Black automotive heat shrink supplied by the cut metre length up to a single 100m length and from 2.4mm - 35mm.


Automotive Heat Shrink Kits

2:1 and 3:1 coloured and black kits supplied in clear plastic box for use on car, boat, motorcycle cable and loom


Heat Shrink Bulk 100m Reels

Bulk Red or Black heat shrink supplied on 100m cardboard reels up to 19.1mm. 25.4mm and above are supplied on 50m reels