Colour 1mm² 16 amp cables crimped to 2 way connector pigtails

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This listing is to used in conjunction with a single automotive male / female connector purchase (purchased on the same order) for the crimping of 4 x 15cm lengths of  Solid Colour 1mm² 16.5 amp cable (see colours available below) to turn the connector into a ready to fit pigtail to save you the hassle of crimping if you dont have the correct crimping tools for the job.

This is for a single male and female connector, E.G. If you require 4 x 2 way connectors crimped then purchase 4 of this listing. Add "note to seller" at checkout for your chosen colours. Position 1 is the rear left cable entry hole on the female side (side with the female terminals) with the connector lock to the top. The male side would be a mirror image.  Please refer to picture 2 of the connector description for the correct orientation.

Colours Available:

B   (Black)
U   (Blue)
N   (Brown)
G   (Green)
O   (Orange)
S   (Grey)
K   (Pink)
P   (Purple)
R   (Red)
W  (White)
Y   (Yellow)

* If you fail to inform us of the required cable colours at time of purchase the connector will be shipped with 2 x black wires

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